Dr. Corrine Dawson joins the DePieri Clinic in Kelowna

Dear Patients,

I am happy to announce that I have settled on a lovely clinic in downtown Kelowna. Thank you for your patience as I researched and visited many clinics to find the space that feels just right. The following is the contact info, if you would like to book a phone consult, or an in-office visit if you are in area. You will see instantly why I feel right at home. The support staff and other doctors are incredible people. I feel confident that this transition will be smooth.


The DePieri Clinic
#106-1353 Ellis St
Kelowna, BC V1Y 1Z9

T: 250-448-7408
F: 250-448-7410
Clinic Hours: M-F 9-5
My Hours: M, W, F 9-2

On the page 'Forms' on this website, you will find four documents:
1. A 'Release of Medical Records'. This allows us to have your file sent to me so that we can pick up right where we left off. The $35 fee payable to the Integrated Health Clinic covers the time of reception to send this. And as I'm sure you can recall, most of my patient's charts are a very good size. Thank you for your understanding, and cooperation with this.

2. A 'Registration Form'. Each patient please fill out once.

3. A 'Questionnaire'--female or male. This will help ensure that we have your updated information, and that after possibly a decade of working together, I understand where you are at right now. I think it will be very nice for both of us to relook at some of these questions.

Returning Patients: please fill out a release of medical records, a registration form & a questionnaire.
New Patients: please fill out a registration form & a questionnaire.

Please feel free to email me any questions or concerns. I look forward to connecting with you!
And if any of your friends or family need my help, I am happy to say, I can finally take new patients. Have an incredible summer, and I will talk to you/see you whenever you need my help.


Dr. Corrine Dawson ND
Naturopathic Physician

250-448-7408  info@thedepiericlinic.com

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