Dr. Corrine Dawson’s practice is focused on balancing hormones and creating healthier and more beautiful skin. She treats each person as a unique individual and uses nutrition, lifestyle changes and natural medicines.  Patients express their appreciation of her empathy and her ability to teach them the complexities of their diagnosis and the particular reasons for recommended treatments. 


Dr. Dawson joined The DePieri Clinic in 2017 after over a decade at the Integrated Health Clinic, one of Canada’s largest naturopathic clinics. Her medical training was obtained from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, and her undergraduate training included biology, theology and genetics research at UBC for cardiovascular disease. She contributed to research in complementary and alternative therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer at VGH and volunteered at the Friends for Life Clinic, treating patients with chronic illnesses and terminal cancer.

Dr. Dawson is a frequent community lecturer on the topic of bioidentical hormone therapy, and has appeared as a guest on radio. Suzanne Somers, in her book Knockout has recognized Dr. Dawson for her work in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Dawson holds certifications in botulinum toxin: cosmetic & medical, injectable fillers, IV & chelation therapies and prescriptive authority.

On A Personal NOte

Outside of her practice, Dr. Dawson is passionate about strong marriages and families, and adoption. She enjoys running, basketball, hosting get-togethers and family activities with her husband and three children. Dr. Dawson is optimistic, compassionate and she looks forward to partnering with you to achieve optimal health. 

DR. Dawson has a Particular Interest in treating the following:

digestive disturbances

chelation & IV therapy

stress & anxiety


Children & Youth

cardiovascular diseases

skin aging & disorders

diabetes & weight Concerns

bio-identical hormones

botox: cosmetic & Medical

Injectable fillers


hormone imbalances

pre/post natal care

women's & Family health

Thyroid Health